Am I Going Viral?

Morning all and happy Sunday! Yesterday was weird and I want to talk about it!

First of all I want to thank everyone for supporting my new animation channel on YouTube! The response so far has been absolutely amazing and as of this morning we’re almost at 200 views which for a channel that had 0 subscribers only 3 days ago, I’m pretty impressed with.

So, here’s the thing: I was talking to one of my friends about the channel and she asked me “why don’t you put it on Instagram?” At first I was hesitant. Yes, I have an account but I’ve never posted anything on it and I’ve always been wary of the platform as it is; I feel like it rewards people for being vain. But, against my own judgement, I made a new account for my animations (@samsanimation you should totally go follow me) and posted the Champagne Problems animation.

View Count: 80

Fast forward a day and after some nice messages from people I used to go to school with complimenting me on my work, I notice that other accounts I don’t know have started sharing the animation on their story, so I of course thank them in my own. This then kicks off a small chain reaction of people sharing the animation and me thanking them for it until some larger accounts start doing the same. I post the final ‘thank-you-for-sharing-my-stuff’ story and message the same friend who told me to put the thing on Instagram to tell her that, as it turns out, this was actually quite a good idea!

View Count: 120

As I’m talking to her, I mention that the YouTube channel gained 10 subscribers in one day which I was hugely pleased at! It’s not the greatest milestone in the world, but to me and my brand new channel, I considered that a successful day, to which she replies:

“500+ views on Instagram is nothing to be sniffed at either.”

“Well it doesn’t have 500 views yet,” I reply.

That’s when I realised it did.

View Count: 560

I hastily flicked back over to instagram and saw that the views were now already at 700. I refresh again; 800. Refresh again 1000. Refresh again 1200. Holy cow what the hell is happening!?!

My friend messages me again: “Are you going viral?!”

View Count: 1300

But then, sadly, the views froze. I was not going viral (haha!) the views quickly calmed down and my friend and I are now pretty sure it was just bots but for half an hour, we really thought the video was about to break through the internet’s glass ceiling only a matter of days after being posted.

Never-mind though. It was fun while it lasted!

Okay see ya later!

Sam 🙂

If you’ve made it this far and want to support me, please consider subscribing to my animation channel over on YouTube if you haven’t already!

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